Mobile Security: Best Antivirus for iOS

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Although iOS devices come with internal antivirus protection algorithms, some users prefer to add more protection. In case you are searching for an antivirus app for iOS, you will probably be surprised by the abundance of options. Today, we’ll discuss how to pick the most suitable solution based on your needs and preferences. We’ll also take a quick look at the best antivirus for iOS.

Top 4 Antivirus Apps for Your iOS Device

  1. Lookout;
  2. Avira;
  3. McAfee;
  4. F-Secure SAFE.

Let’s discuss each one to help you make up your mind.

The best overall choice is Lookout. This app seems to be the best antivirus for iOS due to several reasons. Firstly, it brings optimization tools that speed up the performance and remove junk. Secondly, it protects from phishing sites, adware, and other malware. The App Monitor notifies the user whenever a suspicious activity is detected. It also signals when the essential updates need to be installed. Lookout also offers a safe browser and a Wi-Fi inspector to enhance Internet security.

Another great option is Avira. It’s the most suitable app for protection from phishing sites. However, its biggest advantage is that it’s free. This security suite brings good web protection by detecting and blocking various kinds of malware. The app uses Avira URL Cloud to block suspicious websites from the search results to prevent the loss of personal information. What’s more, the app comes with a call blocker, anti-theft features, a contact backup utility, and safeguard. The latter observes and prevents breaches and leaks.

McAfee offers iOS protection, too. The dedicated app aims to prevent iPhone theft by tracking the device’s location and activating the alarm even if the device is on mute. It’s especially convenient for those who also use Apple Watch. Other McAfee features include CamptureCam which photographs people who try to access your phone. Every user gets an encrypted storage space, a remote backup tool, and the chance to erase everything from the phone remotely.

Finally, one may also try F-Secure SAFE. The app is perfect for users with kids since it has great web filters and shields the devices from all kinds of attacks. Parental control is available with the help of setting on a dedicated browser (after Safari is locked). It allows limiting time and access. This app also has banking protection which comes in handy if children use the device with access to such data.

How to Pick the Best Antivirus for iOS?

There is no unified solution that can suit all users. Different people look for different things. That’s why to get the best option for you, it’s important to define why you’ve decided to add another antivirus app. In case you can’t see what exactly your smartphone lacks, you might not need this at all. Your default protection secures all the activities.

Otherwise, it’s essential to define the goal. As you see, some antivirus apps focus on anti-theft tools, others offer parental control. After defining what you need, it’s important to make sure the phone has enough space for the app.

One can also read some reviews to verify the app is legit and truly useful. Very often users share whether the app has a huge impact on performance and slows down the device or not.


Mobile security is important no matter what kind of smartphone you are using. In case iOS default protection is not enough, a user may use the App Store to get another layer of protection. Choosing the best antivirus for iOS gets easier when you know that the top choices are Lookout, Avira, McAfee, and F-Secure SAFE.

How to Choose Large Pet Kennel 2020 – Review

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Your dog is very active and you want to provide him with maximum comfort? Or maybe your pet lives in the yard and you want to provide him with boundaries? In any case, a kennel is not an unnecessary item. It may be needed to transport the dog, to provide a separate place for it or any other purpose. We have prepared for you a  large pet kennel 2020 – Review, so that it is easier for you to find the right product.

Types and Properties of the Kennel for Dogs

If you decide to buy a cage for a dog, you must first select the size of the kennel. Cages for dogs in the apartment come in different sizes. Cages for dogs are most often divided into 6 – number 1 is the smallest and number 6 is the largest. The small dog cage is for small dog breeds and puppies. A large dog cage is designed for large dog breeds.

But if you buy a large cage for your Chihuahua, you will not offend him with this – the larger the cage for a dog, the better. Both large cages for dogs and small cages for dogs are indispensable for the home. A cage for large dogs and a cage for small dogs are folding cages, which, if desired, can be removed for a cabinet, for example. A folding kennel will also be needed when traveling and in hotels. Often they buy kennels for puppies – a great option to isolate small nimble kids from the environment and be calm for them.

Standard products are plastic or metal pallets with metal mesh on the roof and sides. The cage is equipped with one, two or three doors with a locking mechanism. You can supplement the pallet with soft bedding – so the animal will feel even more comfortable. A bowl with food is available. In this case, the dog will be able to enjoy something tasty during the trip. This will reduce the stress that your pet is experiencing.

In our large pet kennel 2020 – Review you can find kennels for any dog ​​and occasion. There are cell models where a metal mesh is located above a plastic tray (the so-called false). This is done to simplify the cleaning procedure.

How to Use a Kennel?

We recommend that you select a cage of the largest possible size for keeping the animal in the house if the room allows. Often the dog is alone in the room while the owners are at work, and leaving it unattended can be very dangerous.

For transportation in a car, place the cage in the passenger compartment or the trunk of the car. You can not be afraid for the cleanliness of the upholstery: thanks to a special design, carrying from the net will not stain anything. Before choosing a cage for a car, we recommend that you take careful measurements so as not to make a mistake with the size.

Kennels and Cages for Cats?

Cells are used not only for dogs. Cages for cats are also quite suitable. If a cat needs to fence off space (surgery, etc.), you can buy a cage for a cat or rent a cage for a cat. Cages for kittens will help you fence off the kids because running around the apartment / the whole house is likely to poison the kitten or get stuck somewhere. A cage for a kitten is like a house, it will be fun to climb walls and play in it.

For large and not calm dogs, consider reinforcing cells. The reinforced cage can be of any size according to your order.

Express ProtonVPN Review

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Proton is a rather interesting VPN product on the security market due to several reasons. Thus, many users like it due to its free version with unlimited traffic and a full range of security, even of the costless version. Others rely on the Switz quality, which can be seen in all possible aspects. However, some hidden elements don’t allow to become this product the most popular one. Read ProtonVPN review, and you’ll be familiar with all the needed aspects.


The developers of ProtonVPN and ProtonMail are employees of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) Andy Yen, Jason Stockman, and Wei Song (it is clear why their mail and VPN services are called “Proton”). Offices and main servers are located in Switzerland; the privacy policies are also based on the Switz legal documents.

The first product the new company released was Mail Proton, which is considered as one of the most secure mail services. It differs from other services by the ability to encrypt the letter before it is sent to the server and other interesting functions. The success of the programming approaches forced owners to expand to the related market, and Virtual Private Networks were selected as the next developing target.

Features of ProtonVPN

  • Unlimited traffic (even in the free version).
  • AES-256 traffic encryption using 2048-bit RSA.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • Support for Tor onion routing.
  • OpenVPN Protocol.
  • VPN traffic leakage protection.
  • DIverse operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


At the moment, developers offer 4 tariff plans:

  1. Free. The ability to connect only one device to 3 different servers. There are also speed restrictions but unlimited traffic. The level of protection is almost full and doesn’t include only extra features. In short, it is one of the best free variants for trying and safe testing of the service.
  2. Basic. It costs $4 per month or $48 per year. The company doubled the number of devices for safe connections up to two, while the bandwidth is unlimited in the cheapest but paid version. The variety of servers is expanded to a needed level, and every client can connect to diverse locations all over the world.
  3. Plus. The cost of this tariff is $8 per month or $96 per year. The owner receives an ability to connect up to 5 devices under this package and connect to the expanded number of servers. The speed is unlimited, and the client gets a few additional features like Plus Servers, Secure Core, Tor Servers, Secure Streaming, and P2P.
  4. Visionary. That is the last and most expensive variant that costs $24 per month or $288 per year. Even though the increase compared to the Plus tariff is huge, the customer can expand the number of devices up to ten. However, the essential difference is the ability to use ProtonMail, which exists as a separate product but included in the regarded plan.

Any Drawbacks?

There are some shortcomings of ProtonVPN, but they are not related to the security issues as the essential element of every VPN service. Thus, the speed of even paid versions can be not the best due to the lack of a massive number of servers (compared to market leaders). Another drawback is the weak support and absence of live chat, which can be a vital problem sometimes. Also, it is highly recommended to Windows owners as precisely this version is the best developed one, while mobile applications and Mac are still actively developing.

Nevertheless, all those shortcomings can be easily beaten by a free version with unlimited traffic and reliable protection. So, now you are ready to make a final decision about this product. Good luck!

Best Internet Security of 2019

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The industry of antivirus software and Internet security has grown a lot in the past few years. There are dozens of companies to choose from and the number of threats is growing by the day, too. That’s why it’s very important to pick a reliable program and keep your files and identity safe. However, massive competition makes it even harder. Let’s find out more about the top choices as well as how to pick the best Internet security of 2019.

Top 3 options to consider

2019 was rich in changes. Many new features were introduced, lots of new protection measures, etc. Yet, the leaders in this industry remained the same. If you need the best antivirus for Mac of 2019, you should pick from Bitdefender, Norton, and Kaspersky. However, in case none of these solutions suit you, Avast should be the next best option.

  1. Bitdefender delivers good results in the independent tests. It comes with an assortment of extra tools and features to protect your online activities and the data you share. Get the full bundle to remain sure of your anonymity and safe browsing. Mind that it comes with a VPN that is aimed to help shield you from anything dangerous and harmful for your device.
  2. Norton is another great solution. One of the reasons it stays atop of the game is the feature that detects even zero-day threats. This is the most reliable choice that protects your device from malware and threats that don’t even have the name yet. Millions of users from all around the world are loyal to this company.
  3. Kaspersky is also a well-known choice. It has very good results from the independent test labs. Lots of magazines and articles single it out as the best internet security of 2019. It also takes the position of the editor’s choice, too. The automatic scans will keep your files and devices shielded from all kinds of malware and viruses.

What else is worth your attention?

When you look for the best Internet security of 2019, it’s important to realize it’ll cost you some money. While there are a few free options, they will never deliver the same quality as the paid versions. In this situation, the best thing you can do is to find a company that offers a subscription plan for multiple devices. This way you’ll pay for one account but protect all the devices in your household including smartphones and tablets.

In case you don’t like any of the options above, you can discover the advantages of ESET NOD 32, F-Secure, and other solutions.

Finally, before you make a choice, it’s better to find out if the software will influence your PC in any other way. Sometimes users notice that it slows down the performance. It’s sure to irritate you and make you regret your choice. Find it out beforehand to pervert such situations.

Five9 Agent client, Chrome, and redirected folders not working together

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A client reported issues with the Five9 Agent client not working correctly. The agent.jnlp file would download, and would initially open but would error out before the splash screen went away. After some troubleshooting, we determined that there were three semi-problems working in tandem creating one big problem.

Problem 1: Chrome no longer supports NPAPI-based plugins, of which Java is one

Problem 2: The default save location for Chrome is %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, which in this instance has been redirected via group policy to a network drive subfolder

Problem 3: The Five9 software does not like it when it is run from a network-based location

Add all these up and you get the following: when the user clicks on the “Agent” link, instead of instantly opening because Chrome “understands” Java, the agent.jnlp file is simply downloaded to the users “Downloads” folder and then a second click is required to run the software from the download bar in Chrome.

Since we couldn’t change the default download location in Chrome for other political reasons, we needed to find an easy way to get Chrome to “understand” that .jnlp files are executable rather than necessary to download. Our solution was to install the “IE Tab for Chrome” extension.

IE Tab works by taking the entire viewable size of a tab and running an instance of Internet Explorer within it, more or less transparently to the user. You can define the sites that you wish to have IE Tab intercept from Chrome and reload in this IE-ish window so that you don’t have to toggle a button each time you visit the site. Since IE still allows NPAPI-based plugins such as Java, it means that when viewed in IE Tab, the Five9 site will automatically launch the .jnlp file since it is only downloaded to the user’s Temporary Internet Files location which is on their local C: drive, and will open correctly.

Steps to solve this issue:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. In the Omnibox, search for “IETab”
  3. The first link should be “IE Tab – Chrome Web Store” – select that link
  4. Click the “Add To Chrome” button at the top-right
  5. When prompted, click the “Add extension” button
  6. You may close the “IE Tab Documentation” tab that appears
  7. Login to the Five9 website but do not attempt to run any of the apps
  8. Once logged in, click the IE Tab button next to the Omnibar as shown
  9. On the “One-time installation steps” page that opens, click “Keep” on the download prompt on the download bar at the bottom of the window, and then click the downloaded program “ietabhelper.exe” to run it
  10. If the publisher is listed as “Blackfish Software”, click “Run” on the Security Warning window that appears
  11. The tab should reload and now you will need to login to Five9 again
  12. Once logged in, the Five9 applications (e.g. Agent, Administrator, etc.) should all open correctly in IE Tab within Chrome

Logitech Harmony One and PleX – jumping by letter using the number pad

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For the longest time, I’ve wanted to use Plex to organize my family’s local media but due to our library’s rather large size, it’s been difficult to use for one particular reason: searching.

We have a Logitech Harmony One remote which has worked great with Emby and Windows Media Center because using the number pad at the bottom of the remote, you could jump through the media list via letter, similar to the old method of T9 texting. The one thing holding us back from using PleX has been the fact that while everything else on the remote works natively with it, jumping by letter didn’t. This meant manually scrolling through hundreds upon hundred of titles if the movie started with a letter in the middle of the alphabet.

Thanks to DeadEyeFlint on the PleX forums, I finally have a solution!

NOTE: I believe these same instructions will work for Kodi as well, but as I do not use it, I cannot confirm that

Now you should be able to jump from letter to letter, using the keypad on your remote!

Quick Tip: Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006ba). The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.

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We deployed a number of new machines this week, and we received this error on every single one of them whenever we tried to add printers. If you tried to start the spooler and then tried to add the printer, it would just crash again.

After some investigation, it turned out that the VMware Tools software had mistakenly been deployed to these machines (obviously in error, since they are not virtual machines). That in and of itself isn’t a problem – you simply uninstall it and you should be on your way. However what *didn’t* happen during the uninstall was there should have been a registry key deleted which wasn’t and was causing issues.

The key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\ThinPrint Print Port Monitor for VMWare

By deleting that entire key, we could start the print spooler and add the drivers correctly.

Error A12E1 when trying to install/upgrade Adobe Creative Cloud Packager

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I was getting error A12E1 as soon as the download would finish and the app would try to start installing.

While I’m still not sure why it was failing, the solution was pretty simple:

  1. Open C:\Users\username\AppData\Local
  2. Copy the “” file from that file to any other location on my computer (I used C:\Temp, but just get it out of that folder)
  3. Extract the .zip file
  4. Run the extracted Setup.exe file

While I can’t guarantee that it will work for you, it did work for me and since I couldn’t find any other instructions like this online, I thought I’d pass it on.