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What Makes A Virtual Data Room Secure?

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Digital space has undoubtedly brought humanity to a new level of existence, as we can now perform most activities without getting up from our chairs. Nevertheless, the global network contains many dangers that can compromise information important to us and present us with many problems. This threat is more serious for businesses than ever, which is why companies choose a virtual data room to store and securely share sensitive data. But why should VDRs be trusted? Read more about data room software comparison in this article.

Why should businesses use a virtual data room?

Data is users’ most valuable asset, which means it’s also worthwhile to cyber criminals, as they can use it to make a fortune through blackmail, extortion, and black market sales of sensitive data. At the same time, when companies encounter data breaches, it hits them on all fronts: the loss of large sums of money, reputation, customers, and potential partners, as well as lawsuits and non-competitiveness in the market.

That’s why cybersecurity should be of paramount importance to companies because it helps businesses continue to grow and develop, transact digitally, and save time and effort. Virtual data rooms have become indispensable tools for storing and sharing sensitive data during various business processes. Thousands of companies of different sizes and industries are now using these solutions. For example, VDRs can provide all the necessary facilities for mergers and acquisitions, fundraisers, IPOs, and other complex operations.

Features of VDRs that make it safe

A key feature of virtual data rooms is that they are licensed solutions. VDRs provide international security certifications that guarantee only current and best practices for protecting your data. The main security features most commonly used by Best Virtual Data Room Solutions are:

  • Previous encryption methods

Encryption is the process of encoding the contents of a document during storage and transmission over cloud storage. Thanks to this feature, an unauthorized users will never see anything they shouldn’t see.

  • Document restriction permissions and settings

Data rooms allow administrators full control over what other users do with documents. You can block copying, editing, printing, uploading, and forwarding of the paper, depending on the role and responsibilities of the user. Another advantage of these permissions is their granularity because you can also prohibit partial visibility and screenshot of a document. Your data will be safer if you know who has what permissions.

  • Digital Watermark

You will have to give some users more advanced actions with a document during various business processes than others. To ensure data protection, even in this position – there are watermarks. They allow you to track who did what to a document, which protects against leaks.

  • Two-factor authentication

VDR login is also secure with advanced authentication methods. Dual authentication requires the user to enter additional information to identify themselves accurately. This can be a one-time code, the mother’s maiden name, or something else. A normal password can be compromised even if it is secure enough, but with additional security, the chance of unauthorized entry is much lower.

  • Audit Logs

These logs provide administrators with detailed analytics of all activities within the VDR. You can use them to find detailed information about each user.

  • Customizable NDA

Before entering a room, users sign a non-disclosure agreement, and legal liability awaits them if they violate it.

  • SSO

The SSO feature also protects the entry into the VDR system. Thanks to it, you can create a sophisticated login, put your account data just once, and use it while working on different projects.

A virtual data room with its solutions

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In the recent technological changes, business owners need to have a quick reaction and implement only trusted solutions as all together they will have to create companies’ wealth. In this case, we have prepared complete information about the virtual data room, reliable software features, and security reviews. Are you ready to develop your knowledge?

There is no doubt that directors want to simplify the employees working routine and increase the overall productivity. One of the most convenient solutions is to select a virtual data room. In simple words, it is a cloud-based storage system where employees can securely save all files and documents. Besides, virtual data room can be used at any time and place as it gives possibilities for remote work. This can lead to higher productivity as employees will work in the most convenient areas and have more time for doing their job. Also, with a virtual data room, it becomes possible to have collaborative work as it is one of the most effective places. In addition, employees can communicate not only with each other but also with customers. In order to have this, managers or directors need to follow several steps. Firstly, they need to create another room where in the end they can invite workers. Secondly, they have to set permissions that employees can use during their teamwork. Thirdly, do not forget to add tasks and files for further work. And finally, this place is ready for employees. In this way, the company will use virtual data room for maximum and reach their potential in short term.

However, it is crucial not to forget about reliable software features, that are an integral part of every modern tool. With this knowledge, you will be sure that you use only the best technologies that can be in the current market. Besides, reliable software features show the ability of the platform to help in all working moments increase productivity and clarify several aspects of work. As it exists, a distinct level of complex tasks and responsibilities guaranteed software features are completely suitable, in this case, as workers will have enough skills to cope with them.  

Security reviews that present unconventional ideas for protection

An additional aspect is security as it exists a vast number of possibilities hackers attacks, and business owners need to anticipate these problems and risks. For this reason, security reviews are a collaborative process of preparing various solutions against the vulnerability that can be waiting for business. Security reviews are highly recommended in usage, and they should be developed according to a business situation.  

In all honesty, the working environment needs always change, and directors need to make the final decision on how to modernize their corporations. We hope that this type of information stimulates to make quick but informed choices. For further information, you can join this link and open something differently.   


How Data Room Service Providers Work and Why VDRs Essential for Your Business

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Having decided that your organization needs a virtual data room, you need to make another decision – decide on a provider essential for your business.

VDR as an Integral Part of Your Business

The main priority is the development of affordable and convenient dataroom providers is:

  • stimulation of financial and credit institutions, namely commercial banks, credit unions, leasing companies, and mutual credit companies;
  • simplification of the procedure for granting loans, reduction of interest on loans, increasing the term of loans, which will result in providing favorable conditions for obtaining microloans by entrepreneurs;
  • support and development of financial institutions;
  • research and use of foreign experience in the field of microcredit;
  • improvement of regulations in the field of lending by financial institutions;
  • improving the mechanism for obtaining microcredits by supporting small businesses by government agencies;
  • development of a national program on microcredit.

The development of international trade, along with a number of the latest technological advances in communications and transport, has led to the internationalization of the supply chain, through which domestic firms externalize a number of functions in countries where such functions can be performed at a lower cost. China, or more recently in Vietnam. 

But this internationalization of the value chain, often combined with a short-term policy of keeping inventories to a minimum in order to reduce costs, makes firms highly dependent on the smooth operation of the international value chain. Such smooth functioning can be disrupted when an external shock affects the economy of any of the countries where the firms involved in the value chain are located.

The Work Method of Data Room Service Providers

Many programs for computers and mobile devices use cloud servers to store any user and / or internal data. If it is, for example, a game on a smartphone, it can transmit to the cloud the progress of the passage, saving and other technical information, and then download it at startup. And the user can change the device several times, and its savings in the game will not disappear – the main thing is to connect to your account from the game application.

Here are some more examples of using data room service providers:

  1. Automatically save videos, audio, and photos in the cloud when capturing/recording them in the appropriate application on your phone.
  2. Saving videos from CCTV cameras. And this can be implemented in different ways. Sending files to the cloud can be undertaken by both programs installed on the PC and the equipment itself – cameras and/or video recorders.
  3. All mail programs and messengers also store user correspondence and attachments in cloud storage.
  4. A variety of desktop utilities (such as driver or software applications), antivirus, and a number of other programs that download and update data work with cloud storage.

In order to ensure that the database corresponds to the current state of the subject area, the database is dynamically updated (periodically or in real-time). This update is called a data update. The correctness of updates can be controlled programmatically, but it is more correct to control them automatically by means of restrictions of the integrity of a DB. A database is an information model of the outside world, a subject area.

Having decided that your organization needs a virtual data room, you need to make another decision – decide on a provider, i.e. an organization that will be responsible for the reliability and safety of your documents. You need to choose a provider according to the criteria in our article because VDR is an essential part of your business.

Board software for advanced work

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board software

Board software focuses on prolific work as it consists of three main functions:

  • Analyzes;
  • Represent;
  • Plan.

With the usage of board software, it will be more vivid how to organize the working routine and how to be more innovative, especially in the business world. Board software focuses to run effectively all deals, control every progress, and better understatement of the overall performance. Open new possibilities with the board software.

Boardroom software

There is no doubt that it is challenging to cope with all working processes, especially nowadays. Companies are in search of helpful tips and tricks that they can implement into their business. One of such solutions is boardroom software. This software will make more manageable some processes and will present a healthy atmosphere for work.

One of the most crucial aspects of modern society is communication. It plays an integral part as it helps to be open-minded, and it solves various programs, especially in the business world. Nowadays, it is possible to use two tools that can help companies to build valuable relations: board meeting software and paperless board meeting software. They both have the same possibilities, but the only one makes the working processes eco-friendly and efficient. Both board meeting software and paperless board meeting software will provide:

  1. Dynamic meetings discussions;
  2. Fast and secure exchange with documents;
  3. Productive working routine. 

Board portal software comparison

Nowadays, it exists a great number of board portals, and every director wants to implement only trustworthy technologies into their working routine. One of such solutions is a board of directors portal software. It will help to cope with all difficulties that will emerge during the working routine. It will consist of valuable tips and tricks that they can use in their performance. With the right board of directors portal software, it will give analytics of full performance, how employees complete their responsibilities. Furthermore, with the usage of this software directors will know all weak and strong points that can be developed. 

There is no doubt that every company deals with a vast quantity of materials, and sometimes workers can be frustrated as they can mix crucial papers. In order to omit such difficulties, it exists board document management application. It includes several advantages as:

  • Security;
  • Easiness;
  • Control.

Board document management application aids in saving time and preparation for a future meeting with customers or with another member of the team. Furthermore, it will be easier to exchange files, prepare for collaborative work or just find necessary material in a few seconds. In addition, it has got a high level of security, so only users can have access to all documents. This protection will guarantee that every file is under control.

Committee meeting management software is an additional tool for the company to present itself in the market. With an organization such meetings employees will add participants, send them invitations, and they can schedule the inevitable time to be present. During such gatherings, employees will present their company tell everything in detail, and will answer all questions that will have guests. With the usage of the committee meetings, management software companies will have more chances to grab customers’ attention and attract new investors and other companies for further cooperation.

Board of directors meeting software focuses on a conference in general. Directors will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting, add participants, or sent notifications for workers. During such meetings, every working aspect will be discussed in small detail, and employees will be cautious about their responsibilities.

In order to make the right choice, it exists a board portal software comparison that presents all advantages and disadvantages of every board portal.

Board portal pricing comparison

There is no doubt that every business tries to plan their budget and to think about every purchase. In order to be aware of a particular sum of money that directors have to spend on the board portal, it exists a board portal pricing comparison. It will aid in making choices as directors will have complete awareness not only of its price but also what they will get with the board portal. It will present a big amount of variants, so directors need to be very attentive, to understand all prosses and cons, and make their final choice.

Board of directors management software deals with the whole working process and tries to find solutions on how to make it more complex. With the help of the board of directors management software, they will have opportunities to build a healthy working balance and to be aware of every working process. It provides directors to be closer to the team and understand all weak and strong sides. Furthermore, it will present unconventional ideas for directors on how they can make better the working routine.

Collaborative software for the board of trustees is beneficial software as it presents such advantages as:

  1. Quick access for crucial documents;
  2. Increase engagement into the working processes;
  3. Take under control changes.

Collaborative software for the board of trustees gives additional opportunities to have valuable discussions on further steps that will lead only to positive results. New ways of performance will be chosen that will give all chances to be flexible during the performance.

Boardroom software is an ideal place for dealing with financial planning, working deals, further performance. It will help to organize collaborative work, structuralize performance, build healthy working schedules and just help to improve a friendly atmosphere for business. Furthermore, it will include satisfactory board meeting tools that will simplify methods of work. In order to make the right choice and select the most prolific software, it exists a board software comparison that will present information in small detail about selected boardroom software and others. You can see with your own eyes this information and be sure of your decision.

Board portal feature comparisons

Board portal feature comparisons are extremely important information as they will lead only to the best choice directors can even make. It makes in-depth analyzes on the board portal, analyzes all features, and presents advantages and disadvantages. It pays attention to such features as solutions that each board portal can present, interactive tools, support, and other tools. You will understand which software is suitable for your business and can lead for future only positive results.

Software for board meetings consists only of relevant features that can make the process of preparation for the meeting more pleasant. Employees will get everything to be ready and not waste extra time. There is no doubt that many features need to be presented via software for board meetings. For example, they are the ability to control users’ activity, permissions to all materials for employees, valuable communication at any time and place, add documents and other materials. All these features will help employees to feel protected in preparation. Besides, they will be sure of what they do.

Another beneficial tool is virtual board meeting software. The principal aim of this tool is to present users with a convenient place that they can use before, during, and after meetings. Besides, employees can have a chance to work remotely with this software. All you need is a stable internet connection. They will get valuable communication not only with the whole team but also with clients. As the result, customers will be aware of every change and will control the fulfillment of their tasks.

In order to present directors with the most convenient working space where they can undoubtedly achieve their responsibilities, it is highly recommended to be aware of the board of directors’ software comparisons. It will stimulate you to make the right choice. You will observe detailed information about all possibilities that this software can give you.

Only the best board management software will be presented for you as we want to bring only valuable information about all sufficient technologies that can easily change your company’s performance. The best board management software will lead to the best performance.

What you should know about Fallout 5

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The article will cover the general overview of the gaming option and what you should expect of the boosting gameplay features.

New game expectations

New gaming episodes have released more attractive features than the previous ones. When you’re waiting for the new picks you want to get something more interesting and efficient. The same thing is with Fallout 5 as it has come five years since the last option of Fallout 4. Fans are interested in modernized and upgraded functionalities with a deeper level of immersion in RPG gaming. After playing the previous episodes, you know for sure what improvements could be added and upgraded.

General features of the game play

You should get closer to what to expect from the new pics this year. Post-apocalyptic world with an immersive experience will probably boost your mind. You’d better learn the upcoming gaming features of episodes to know what to expect and enjoy or not to enjoy the option at all. So, what changes are expected with the item?

  1. Come back Karma system functionality! You feel better with the additional Karma tool. You are more responsible for your choices, therefore. Everything is more serious from the perspective. You cannot murder everything around, because it’s all about reputation. Every step is visible to other people. You are motivated to behave appropriately to get a good reputation.
  2. Make it co-op! With so many multiplayer gaming options, you will want to see your preferable item to be multiplayer as well. With the previous single-player focused options, your desire will be more future-proof with co-op features. It would be great to meet the freshest ideas in the upcoming gaming features in Fallout 5.
  3. How about refined building systems! To avoid awkward moments with settlement and clunky moments, you are expecting something more specific. Putting metal pieces in the right space making clarity into the order of objects matters a lot for players.
  4. More communications! You need more dialogues and more comments on your choice to be sure you are controlled and monitored. A piece of extra help is rewarding to your gaming experience. You want to get much of the gameplay developing your character skills and knowledge.
  5. Explore something new and engaging! Exclusive new settings are the most attractive that can be offered with a new version. The freshest ideas implemented in the great locations that can be experienced in the gameplay are really worth playing. You will want to see more and more from the new picks. It’s always exciting to get into engaging moments with the fresh gaming experience.

Final words

To sum up, all players want their expectations about the upcoming game to be true to life. All the discussions, chat rooms, reviews, and guides should be taken into consideration with creating the boosting gameplay. It’s all about what you deserve after experiencing the previous episodes, you will want something more enjoyable and you will get it.

Five9 Agent client, Chrome, and redirected folders not working together

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A client reported issues with the Five9 Agent client not working correctly. The agent.jnlp file would download, and would initially open but would error out before the splash screen went away. After some troubleshooting, we determined that there were three semi-problems working in tandem creating one big problem.

Problem 1: Chrome no longer supports NPAPI-based plugins, of which Java is one

Problem 2: The default save location for Chrome is %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, which in this instance has been redirected via group policy to a network drive subfolder

Problem 3: The Five9 software does not like it when it is run from a network-based location

Add all these up and you get the following: when the user clicks on the “Agent” link, instead of instantly opening because Chrome “understands” Java, the agent.jnlp file is simply downloaded to the users “Downloads” folder and then a second click is required to run the software from the download bar in Chrome.

Since we couldn’t change the default download location in Chrome for other political reasons, we needed to find an easy way to get Chrome to “understand” that .jnlp files are executable rather than necessary to download. Our solution was to install the “IE Tab for Chrome” extension.

IE Tab works by taking the entire viewable size of a tab and running an instance of Internet Explorer within it, more or less transparently to the user. You can define the sites that you wish to have IE Tab intercept from Chrome and reload in this IE-ish window so that you don’t have to toggle a button each time you visit the site. Since IE still allows NPAPI-based plugins such as Java, it means that when viewed in IE Tab, the Five9 site will automatically launch the .jnlp file since it is only downloaded to the user’s Temporary Internet Files location which is on their local C: drive, and will open correctly.

Steps to solve this issue:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. In the Omnibox, search for “IETab”
  3. The first link should be “IE Tab – Chrome Web Store” – select that link
  4. Click the “Add To Chrome” button at the top-right
  5. When prompted, click the “Add extension” button
  6. You may close the “IE Tab Documentation” tab that appears
  7. Login to the Five9 website but do not attempt to run any of the apps
  8. Once logged in, click the IE Tab button next to the Omnibar as shown
  9. On the “One-time installation steps” page that opens, click “Keep” on the download prompt on the download bar at the bottom of the window, and then click the downloaded program “ietabhelper.exe” to run it
  10. If the publisher is listed as “Blackfish Software”, click “Run” on the Security Warning window that appears
  11. The tab should reload and now you will need to login to Five9 again
  12. Once logged in, the Five9 applications (e.g. Agent, Administrator, etc.) should all open correctly in IE Tab within Chrome

Logitech Harmony One and PleX – jumping by letter using the number pad

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For the longest time, I’ve wanted to use Plex to organize my family’s local media but due to our library’s rather large size, it’s been difficult to use for one particular reason: searching.

We have a Logitech Harmony One remote which has worked great with Emby and Windows Media Center because using the number pad at the bottom of the remote, you could jump through the media list via letter, similar to the old method of T9 texting. The one thing holding us back from using PleX has been the fact that while everything else on the remote works natively with it, jumping by letter didn’t. This meant manually scrolling through hundreds upon hundred of titles if the movie started with a letter in the middle of the alphabet.

Thanks to DeadEyeFlint on the PleX forums, I finally have a solution!

NOTE: I believe these same instructions will work for Kodi as well, but as I do not use it, I cannot confirm that

Now you should be able to jump from letter to letter, using the keypad on your remote!

Quick Tip: Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006ba). The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.

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We deployed a number of new machines this week, and we received this error on every single one of them whenever we tried to add printers. If you tried to start the spooler and then tried to add the printer, it would just crash again.

After some investigation, it turned out that the VMware Tools software had mistakenly been deployed to these machines (obviously in error, since they are not virtual machines). That in and of itself isn’t a problem – you simply uninstall it and you should be on your way. However what *didn’t* happen during the uninstall was there should have been a registry key deleted which wasn’t and was causing issues.

The key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\ThinPrint Print Port Monitor for VMWare

By deleting that entire key, we could start the print spooler and add the drivers correctly.

Error A12E1 when trying to install/upgrade Adobe Creative Cloud Packager

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I was getting error A12E1 as soon as the download would finish and the app would try to start installing.

While I’m still not sure why it was failing, the solution was pretty simple:

  1. Open C:\Users\username\AppData\Local
  2. Copy the “” file from that file to any other location on my computer (I used C:\Temp, but just get it out of that folder)
  3. Extract the .zip file
  4. Run the extracted Setup.exe file

While I can’t guarantee that it will work for you, it did work for me and since I couldn’t find any other instructions like this online, I thought I’d pass it on.