Outlook for Mac e-mail template

A client asked us this morning if there was a way he could create an e-mail template in Outlook for Mac. For the PC, it’s easy: you type out the message, go File -> Save As, and you’ve got yourself a template. For some reason, Microsoft decided not to include this functionality in the Mac version of their email client but there is a fairly simple workaround if you don’t have too many templates: create a signature for each template.

Write up your email just like you normally would, but then copy and paste the entire contents of the email into a new signature. When you need to use the template, just select the signature from the Signatures… drop-down and now your email has been replaced with the contents of your template that you can edit to your heart’s content.

Need to update the template? Just edit the signature.

It’s not super-intuitive but it does work, and it actually works rather well if you can get past the fact that the word “Signature” in this context really is just another term for “standard email footer template”.

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