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Mobile Security: Best Antivirus for iOS

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Although iOS devices come with internal antivirus protection algorithms, some users prefer to add more protection. In case you are searching for an antivirus app for iOS, you will probably be surprised by the abundance of options. Today, we’ll discuss how to pick the most suitable solution based on your needs and preferences. We’ll also take a quick look at the best antivirus for iOS.

Top 4 Antivirus Apps for Your iOS Device

  1. Lookout;
  2. Avira;
  3. McAfee;
  4. F-Secure SAFE.

Let’s discuss each one to help you make up your mind.

The best overall choice is Lookout. This app seems to be the best antivirus for iOS due to several reasons. Firstly, it brings optimization tools that speed up the performance and remove junk. Secondly, it protects from phishing sites, adware, and other malware. The App Monitor notifies the user whenever a suspicious activity is detected. It also signals when the essential updates need to be installed. Lookout also offers a safe browser and a Wi-Fi inspector to enhance Internet security.

Another great option is Avira. It’s the most suitable app for protection from phishing sites. However, its biggest advantage is that it’s free. This security suite brings good web protection by detecting and blocking various kinds of malware. The app uses Avira URL Cloud to block suspicious websites from the search results to prevent the loss of personal information. What’s more, the app comes with a call blocker, anti-theft features, a contact backup utility, and safeguard. The latter observes and prevents breaches and leaks.

McAfee offers iOS protection, too. The dedicated app aims to prevent iPhone theft by tracking the device’s location and activating the alarm even if the device is on mute. It’s especially convenient for those who also use Apple Watch. Other McAfee features include CamptureCam which photographs people who try to access your phone. Every user gets an encrypted storage space, a remote backup tool, and the chance to erase everything from the phone remotely.

Finally, one may also try F-Secure SAFE. The app is perfect for users with kids since it has great web filters and shields the devices from all kinds of attacks. Parental control is available with the help of setting on a dedicated browser (after Safari is locked). It allows limiting time and access. This app also has banking protection which comes in handy if children use the device with access to such data.

How to Pick the Best Antivirus for iOS?

There is no unified solution that can suit all users. Different people look for different things. That’s why to get the best option for you, it’s important to define why you’ve decided to add another antivirus app. In case you can’t see what exactly your smartphone lacks, you might not need this at all. Your default protection secures all the activities.

Otherwise, it’s essential to define the goal. As you see, some antivirus apps focus on anti-theft tools, others offer parental control. After defining what you need, it’s important to make sure the phone has enough space for the app.

One can also read some reviews to verify the app is legit and truly useful. Very often users share whether the app has a huge impact on performance and slows down the device or not.


Mobile security is important no matter what kind of smartphone you are using. In case iOS default protection is not enough, a user may use the App Store to get another layer of protection. Choosing the best antivirus for iOS gets easier when you know that the top choices are Lookout, Avira, McAfee, and F-Secure SAFE.